World’s first DeFi Project to award early-adopter loyalty

Be a loyal companion. Reinvent DeFi with us.

Stay loyal, get rewarded

Loyal Token is an innovative experimental DeFi project that gives its early investors the opportunity to earn incentives through a dual-channel reward system. It avoids the inflationary issues that plague most staking projects by taking advantage of the momentum of the fast-pacing world of DeFi trading.

Using momentum

The momentum of the YF and staking market is fast, and the life cycles of most projects are very short. We are using these circumstances to our advantage, rather than fighting them, by giving our early investors a special role in our project.

Redefining Staking.

LOYAL Finance is a new and experimental take on the inflation problem of DeFi staking projects. with a dual-channel reward system for its $LOYAL investors.

Community profit making

As an early investor, you can qualify for our loyalty reward ($rLYL) Token AirDrop, which should take place somewhere between seven and fourteen days (depending on block size) after our initial UniSwap listing.





Community-Staking & Liquidity




DEV Fund


Presale / Airdrop

Smart Contract: 0xeefdad6a480496875172ada1bafd03b81575166c

Get in touch with us

Disclaimer: loyal.finance is an experimental community project. If you have any complaints or issues with our website or our smart-contract token, feel free to contact our support at info@loyal.finance. As always, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. Use at your own risk.